SalStat Statistics

Latest Release: 23 October 2003

Rapid statistical analysis of scientific data under the GPL

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Using SalStat for published research

If you use SalStat in published research, please provide a citation. In APA format, it is:

Salmoni, A.J. (2003) SalStat Statistics Package v. 20031022. Available from

Download SalStat

Downloads of the source code are available from SourceForge.

The latest source code version is salstat.20031022, and is available in both tar.gz and zip format. I should be preparing some stand-alone executables as soon as I can!

WARNING - THIS SOFTWARE IS A BETA RELEASE - this means that it could crash your machine taking valuable data (though this is unlikely!). MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE USING IT

Debian Users (but this applies to all software, right? Just read your EULA!)

A set of unofficial Debian packages have been kindly made by Paolo Alexis Falcone.

They are available at

There are a few prerequisites to use SalStat. First you will need Python which you can get from the Python website here. Then you will need wxPython from here. Both are free to download at no cost, but may be a couple of MB in size. Linux users may have Python already installed.

Mac OSX users

Many thanks to Ludger Humbert who tried SalStat on OSX and got it running. The situation is slightly different to that of Windows and Linux/Unix, so look at the README file for more information.

Anonymous CVS access: Access to the cvs tree can be made here. Please note that this version is not complete and probably won't work very well. Contributors are welcome!

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